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The Little Boy

June 3, 2013

I sewed the antenna on top out of felt but if I did it again I would use fleece. I sewed orange stretch bias tape to the front of the hoodie. The belt i made out of a piece of foam from JoAnn and foamies. I measured the waist and added a few inches out to make the "belt" square.

I cut it out of 3in…

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A Corporate Shell

May 29, 2013

A corporate shell could be liken to a house that had been occupied by a family, prior to the family moving out it was a home. But now it is just shell, a skeleton a plain house with nobody in it,6204 zz bearing, but if a family was to purchase the house and moves in, it becomes a home.Similar, a cor…

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Crime Rate

May 28, 2013

I put this on my web page about a year ago. To my knowledge, the statistics presented herein are still valid.England is frequently touted as a country safer than the United States because of their strict gun control laws. Here are some interesting statistics regarding that issue:Firearms are more of…

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Indoor Cycling Bikes

May 27, 2013

Endurance racing cyclist Johnny Goldberg created an indoor cycling program and designed the first indoor cycling bikes in the late 1980s. At the time, cyclists mostly trained outside, with the option to put their bikes on rollers if they needed to train indoors. Stationary exercise bikes were the re…

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A Cross-Country Ski Trail System

May 23, 2013

A cross-country ski trail system in winter, the Rockton Mountain trail system is a superb mountain bike trail network. Not only are riders having a blast on the many trails, but they are helping the state forest service maintain the trails by keeping them clear and the grasses down. This is one of a…

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The Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

May 22, 2013

For years the dual action exercise bike has been a popular machine. The Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike is the most recognizable example. See, you can work out your lower body and your upper body at the same time. That's a good deal partly because it results in a more balanced workout getting at many …

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Chino Valley Arizona Off

May 21, 2013

The long Perkinsville Road is a highly scenic route that offers some impressive panoramas as it travels through the Prescott National Forest in mainly open country. The trail leaves Chino Valley north of Prescott and initially follows a paved road as it runs east across open ranchland to the forest …

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Car Salvage

May 20, 2013

Car Salvage is a huge business and presents many opportunities for someone looking for a cheap car or cheap spare parts for their cars If you cannot afford to buy a brand new car from a showroom or do not wish to buy a 20 year old used car, or wish to buy a second car for the family, buying a car fr…

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Flavor Country

May 16, 2013

If you've got a taste for technical challenges, welcome to Flavor Country! Technical riding at its best for the hard-core, singletrack, hammerhead rider. With over 4 miles of some of the burliest riding in Pennsylvania, you'll be thankful that it's only a 10-mile loop. The location is prime mountain…

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The Bike

May 9, 2013

I know that using my road bike with a fluid trainer will wear out the back tire more quickly than regular road riding, but does it have the potential to actually damage my bike (frame, gearing)? While not a super expensive machine, I do like it quite a bit and it is my only bike.While on the trainer…

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May 7, 2013

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate that stems from a bacterial infection or acute trauma to the area. Prostatitis is painful and makes the soft tissue area between the legs extremely tender. There is little evidence to suggest that bicycle riding, even heavy bike riding, can cause prosta…

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Bike Parts and Accessories Matter A Lot

April 18, 2013

Unlike automobiles which require knowledge of the internal combustion engine, electrical systems, and a series of other intricate assemblies, bicycles are relatively easy to diagnose and (oftentimes) fix. Many road riders include a small mechanic's kit that fixes many roadside mishaps. Likewise upgr…

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