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June 15, 2013

Wyborne "Wybie" Lovat is the geeky, nervous 11-year-old grandson of Coraline's landlady, and Coraline's new neighbor when she moves. Though Coraline finds him creepy and regularly insults him, the two end up becoming good friends by the end of the movie. The Other Wybie has been rendered incapable of speech by the Other Mother as she thought Coraline would prefer him that way.Although he was not featured in the book, Wybie was given a main role in the film adaption.

At the back door, Coraline Jones walks around exploring. Reaching an old tree stump and being startled by the Cat, she asks if he knows where an old well is. Obviously not getting an answer, she moves away and gets a huge shock from an air horn. Someone on a bike, wearing a helmet with a skull painted on it and a three-turret lens drives at her. This is just a boy named Wybie who quickly annoys Coraline by calling her Caroline and talking too much. He shows her she was standing on the well the whole time and moves several boards aside, 50cc quad parts  , showing it goes a long way down. He's surprised that his grandma is letting her stay at Pink Palace, as most families with children were turned down for it. Wybie says the cat is sort of wild, but it clearly has affection for him. Hearing his Grandma calling, he gets on his bike and warns her that she should wear gloves next time, as the stick is poison oak.

Later, when Coraline is sent away to talk to the neighbors, she once again meets Wybie, who's spying on her with that three turret lens, but when she catches him, he insists he was searching for banana slugs (which is what the helmet is for anyway) He says that he's never been inside Pink Palace because his Grandmas twin sister disappeared and they thought she was stolen away. He then assumes that his great-aunt simply ran away but is called back to his grandmothers house before he could tell Coraline anything else.

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