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Car Keeps Dying And Needing Jump Starts

July 22, 2013

A couple of possibilities: battery is dying of old age (even though you SAY is is fairly new). Battery is not charging properly, either by the charging system not working as well as it should or the battery terminals are corroded. Corrosion puts resistance in the circuit so it goes not get a full charge. The shop should have been able to figure this out. Take it back. These people are incompetent if they can find the actual root cause. If the battery loses the charge as you say, either it can hold a charge due to old age, or it isn getting the charge it is supposed to get in the first place. The battery is failing, the charging system is failing or the connections are corroded, or any combination of the above.

First thing that comes to mind is that the battery is old and will not hold a charge overnight BUT the car stalling out is leading me to believe the alternator is not charging. Once running the alternator should be able to keep the electrical system from collapsing. You said you took it to the shop six days ago but you did not say what they did. That would be good info to help us. I going to think they did what was necessary for the stalling problem but did not look at the battery problem.

First off you need to have the battery charged and tested to find out if it is good, don just buy another one because someone on here says to. Next is the alternator. You can take it to one of the auto stores that check them but they are inclined to find something wrong with them and I see it time after time where the alternator is new and the battery still dies so your mechanic if trusted would be the best choice. If the alternator test is good there is still a chance it has a bad diode and when the engine is off it is pulling the battery current back through it. You may also have something like a trunk light or glove box that is stuck on and it kills the battery.

it could be the fuel system. its common for cars to get crap dragged into the fuel system. there could be a blockage either that or fuel is running back to your tank which means the car needs more suction than it has to pull the fuel to the front of the car. you can have fuel system cleaned out and none return hoses added to the system.

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